At 10X Academy, learning doesn’t take place through the text book. We believe that the learning process involves active engagement and participation in hands-on experiences, discussion, collaboration, and team work. Students should be challenged to think critically, explore their ideas, and set learning goals as a means to measure their academic growth.

The three main Focused Academic Areas are

Language Arts




Math : Use reasoning and probability for projects and practical life

Language Arts : Reading, Critical thinking, and persuasion skills

Coding : Software development and data processing fundamentals

Foundational : History and the Bible; physical and life sciences


Hardware : Build robots and drones; solder and 3D print parts

Software : Design and code games, apps and useful software

Trades : Change a tire, repair a pipe, and cook some burgers

Non-Traditional : Make a film, create a brand, start a business

Physical Training

Strength : Develop functional strength,speed, and agility

Skills : Lifelong games like pool, hoops, ping pong, and soccer

Self-Defense : Basics of boxing, karate, ju-jitsu and others

Outdoors : Hiking, biking, camping, surfing and the natural world

There are three critical forms of literacy required to participate in and succeed in the modern world. Reading and writing, numbers and probability, and software programs and coding. Adding to this foundation are history, the sciences, and study of the Bible. Projects link our academic pursuits to the world outside of school, and teams will be building a new project every two weeks that combine all of these elements. At 10X, your son will be getting dirty – through projects, boys will have the opportunity to learn how to solder, cut, code, plumb, drill, hammer, and wire. Learning at 10X is multi-disciplinary. Whether the project competition is highly technical software or physical challenges like building and racing a bike, writing and communicating about the outcome is an essential part of the learning process.