Frank Lopez. Master Builder and Mentor.

Why did you join 10X Academy?

I have always wanted to pass my knowledge of building on to our youth. Working at 10X Academy provides me an opportunity to truly give back construction and building maintenance knowledge to young boys. I am extremely excited to work at a school where students will be encouraged to succeed and learn life skills while working in such a blessed environment.

How were you called to serve at 10X?

I have always felt in my heart to give back to my community and throughout my adult life, the Lord has always put something on my plate that relates to mentoring and coaching teenagers in my community.

What’s your background in education?

Varsity Baseball Coach for Orange Glen and Valley Center high schools. I have also volunteered with Escondido Compact as a Family Court Mentor and with the Trauma Intervention Program as a member of a Crisis Response Team.

Something personal.

I was born in San Diego but raised, and still live, in Escondido with my wife and 3 grown children. Some of my hobbies are radio-controlled vehicles, off-roading, and doing repairs and projects around my home. I have been in building maintenance services for the past 30 years. I reached the position of foreman for a custom home building company located in the Rancho Santa Fe area. Some of my past employment include a third-party analyst for Scripps Health and Dialysis Technician for Puget Sound Kidney Center.

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