Nubie Porter. Academy Director

Why did you join 10X Academy?

The answer is simple…this is where I wish I went and it is where I want my boys to go! There is very little in life that will have as much of an influence on the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of our students than their educational experiences through High School. There are typically more waking hours in the day delegated to having someone else raise your kids and provide them with “education.” Therefore, the question I ask myself constantly is which institution of education will best support me in my efforts to raise my boys to be men of character and with an education filled with life lessons rather than state standards. It is my responsibility to get them ready for life, not simply eligible for more schooling.

How were you called to serve at 10X?

I believe our greatest calling is into fellowship with our creator. 10X provides me a professional and spiritual opportunity to grow in my faith and to share His truth with a new generation. A generation of men who will best fulfill their role as servant leaders by learning to embrace the call of God upon their lives.

What’s your background in education?

Education to me is helping others see the past, that created the present, in order to help create a path for the future. For this to be done well we must learn to educate the whole child. As a former youth pastor, Executive Director of a Public Benefit NGO for teens, and serving in public education for over 18 years I come to 10X with an open mind and excitement for exploration and discovery. For both the students and myself.

Something personal.

I have lived in North County San Diego for almost 35 years. I love my wife and five children (4 boys and 1 girl). I love all sports (especially the extreme). I have nine siblings. Nubie is actually a nickname…I will share the story if you ask.

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