Rael Clarke. Mathematics Lead.

Why did you join 10X Academy?

As the product of several different school environments, private religious and public, and as an educator with experience in private religious and public schools in New York, South Korea, and California, I believe that I have unique first-hand experience of the many different approaches to math education. I have witnessed strategies that work extremely well and those that have not worked well at all. I was intrigued by the 10x competition based approach, and look forward to incorporating what I’ve learned over my years of teaching in this new and exciting environment.

How were you called to serve at 10X?

I was disgruntled by the limitations and bureaucracy of the public school system in the US, and its inability to converge good intentions with effective execution of interdisciplinary educational practices. I’ve had the most success in schools where the administration, parents, teachers, and students all have clear expectations and know that the math that they are learning will be immediately applicable in their lives and across subjects. 10X’s commitment to both coding and ethics are extremely relevant today, and I believe that students who learn the importance of both will be the architects of our future society

What’s your background in education?

My first job in education was as a calculus instructor at NYU on weekends while I worked towards my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. After two years in the major, I changed my major to mathematics with a minor in psychology. I then earned my masters degree in adolescent mathematics education, and have been a teacher since 2015. I briefly taught geometry and trigonometry at St. John’s Preparatory High School in Astoria New York, conversational English and SAT Math in English at MaCha Middle and High Schools in Yeongwol, South Korea, and most recently at America’s Finest Charter High School in San Diego, California as the head of the mathematics department, teaching all levels of math from pre-algebra to calculus.

Something personal.

I have a myriad of hobbies and interests, including playing concert piano, skateboarding and snowboarding, scientific glassblowing, aquaponics, and Korean to name a few. I am the only child of an only child, and was raised by my mother and grandmother, two strong and independent women who have achieved remarkable international successes in their respective fields of music and microbiology. They instilled in me that education is the most important tool to help one forge themselves into a respectable and professional adult, and taught me how to be an independent and respectful role model for those who need one.

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