Frequently Asked Questions

School should be creative, fun, and full of exploration. Modern education encourages conformity and learning a handful of “subjects” rather than how to build mental tools to quickly learn 100s of useful new skills. Academics are not the object at 10X Academy, they are merely a baseline to enable creation and the sparking of the imagination.
Traditional schools are failing boys. 60% of college graduates are now female. Boys drop out of high school at higher rates. Young men suffer much higher rates of drug use, crime, and joblessness. School isn’t exciting, so boys aren’t learning the skills and character needed to develop into men. At 10X Academy, we believe that if it’s fun and competitive, boys will learn it.
Software and coding are as essential a language as literacy and math for the modern world. The 10X Academy robotics team finished in the top 16 in the world in 2021, and 2nd at the United States Championships in 2022. Your son will learn the same multidisciplinary approach to hardware, software, engineering, and working on a high functioning team.
Technology now allows personalized learning based on an individual learners’ capability and does not require 20 or 30 kids to move through material in lockstep. That is an inefficient industrial age mindset. Mastery based education is the core principle and focus for our boys academically. We use a combination of in-person and software-based tools to achieve this.
Building things is fun for boys and has a definitive connection to the real world. Our projects involve working with your hands in activities like woodworking and soldering and applying real-word academic skills such as coding and persuasive writing. Competition provides the incentive for the students to learn how a group can execute project goals effectively. In this environment, our students learn to work with other people, figure out roles, and take responsibility. These are the practical hard and soft skills that simply are not taught in even the best private schools.
It’s huge. Ask any boy the score of his match yesterday or the level he’s at in a video game and odds are he’ll know it precisely. Kids don’t need to be encouraged to play games, they are wired for it. Creativity and problem solving are now the most crucial factors in tech hiring and games encourage focus, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.
We are a 501(c) non-profit private school.
The school’s goal is to support as many families as possible with full and partial scholarships and all financial aid is awarded based on need. For 2022-23, we are 100% full scholarship based on funding from the 10X Academy Foundation.
We are a Christian school, will require Bible classes, and our core values and purpose are based on Biblical principles. You do not need to be a Christian to attend.

Our current classrooms are in the former Epiphany Prep Charter school campus at 725 N. Escondido Blvd., Escondido, CA 92025. We are looking to build a full school site in Escondido, with a planned opening in 2025.

10X Academy naturally appeals to boys across the spectrum of talents and current academic level. Our admission is open to anyone that will rise to the challenge and demonstrates persistence and resilience. We only expect commitment from students and families to contribute to making 10X Academy a special place.

We have a written application that you can fill out on this site. Boys will be selected for an interview and more detailed application based on this initial screen. There are no minimum educational requirements per grade, as we develop learning outcomes at a faster rate than the traditional system.

Teams of 4 boys are the fundamental building block for 10X Academy. Boys will compete academically, on projects, and through physical challenges with their teammates. Your son will build critical soft skills and be given feedback through his team on our core Christian values of integrity, teamwork, self-reliance, and service.

Look at any playground to understand that kinesthetic learning is as critical as mental for a young man. We appreciate God’s design and encourage it, channeling that energy into useful lifelong games like pickleball and the basics of self-defense such as wrestling.
Christian methods, common sense, and honor. Resolve problems at the lowest level, between boys. Include coaches as appropriate for escalation (based on Matthew Chapter 18). Never encourage secondhand information or tattling, as it is corrosive and teaches dependence.
We are starting with 6th through 8th grade boys, and will add an academic year for each passing year we are in operation. We are open younger individuals that are more advanced and older boys that would fit this model on a by-exception basis.
Our core academic subjects are Math, Language Arts, Coding, History, Bible, and Science. Coding is crucial to understanding the modern world and all of our graduates will be proficient. Tech offshoots such as hardware, robotics, and systems will also be taught.
When we begin high school operations, 10X Academy will be accredited for both California graduation and A-G requirements. This is a full time accredited private school that will produce 3 primary options for boys upon graduation: Traditional college, starting a business, or entering the tech workforce.
10X Academy includes both certified teachers and industry professionals for specialized class work. With our focus on advanced/technical skills (i.e. Robotics, software development, etc.); instructors with real-world experience typically have more experience than traditional teachers.
With a student teacher ratio of well under 10, professional education eyes will be on your son at all times.

Our core instruction hours are 8:15 – 2:50pm, Monday – Friday. We will have before and after school hours as well.

On a limited basis for special circumstances.
Students will have team colors, and will be given 10X Academy t-shirts that they will wear with shorts/pants appropriate for the activities they have in their schedule.
English will be the only language provided at this time.

In Fall 2022, there will be approximately 10 students per class/teacher. Each boy will be on a team with 3 other boys, and they will rotate teams every other month.

We have signed up leaders in the community that want to teach woodworking, coding, sports, CAD design, and many others. Please respond via our contact us form with your interest.