We generate Xplorers who are curious, challenge themselves, and fearlessly pursue growth by operating out of their comfort zone.

Boring classes all day – Gone

No life skills after graduation – Unacceptable

Building things with your hands – Essential

Competitive mindset – Encouraged

Technology literacy and certifications – Key

10X AcademySM is a Christian school and our Code of Honor is composed of Biblical concepts of Service, Teamwork, Responsibility, Faith, and Integrity. Through their academic and project teams, our boys will be taught and evaluated against this essential framework for character development.


The 10X Mission

  • GROW Christian Character. Develop through faith, academics, technology, and life skills. Make it accessible to any boy that has the desire to learn.
  • CHALLENGE boys to get out of their comfort zone. Expose them to new ideas and independent thinking. Have fun in competitive environments.
  • BUILD relationships and cool projects. Develop life and leadership skills through team builds. Create self-directed learning goals.
  • Commitment to the Code of Honor is our vehicle for teaching character: Responsibility, Integrity, Service, Teamwork, and Faith.

The 10X Academy Vision

In the morning, boys will work in personalized and peer-group academic environments.
In the afternoon, they will apply these academic concepts on teams in creative project-based competitions.
A leaderboard reflecting the academic and competition standings motivates boys and their team to win competitions.
Get actional feedback on leadership and interpersonal skills from mentors and teammates.


Tech Training Jobs &


3D Printing Shop, Software
Lab, Maker Space


Leadership, Responsibility,
Mentoring Roles


Weekly Competitions &


1v1 Coaching, Project Learning,
Entrepreneurial Pursuit

What’s the Best Way to Learn?

10X Academy is designed to address the real questions of education. What is the best way to learn key subjects like math, science, language, coding, and history? How can we use education to help our kids become self-sufficient, be armed with technical skills, and be team players aware of their own passions and the strengths of others? It’s as simple as this: Building things in a competitive environment is FUN for boys and connects learning to the real-world.

The 10X Academy robotics team put in hundreds of hours to build a robot out of bare metal and finished in the Top 16 Teams out of 10,000 in the World in 2021. They followed it up as the Runner-up at the US Championships in 2022 out of about 5,000 Middle School teams.

How many other Xplorers are out there waiting to discover their true talents and strengths?